Supported Controls

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

In TestLeft tests, you can identify UI objects, simulate user actions over them, and check their state by using extended properties and methods that TestLeft provides.

TestLeft recognizes many controls, including standard Windows, .NET, JAVA, Web, and RIA controls, and popular third-party UI control libraries. In tests, you cast needed controls to an interface of the appropriate type that provides properties and methods to automate the control and verify its state.

Supported Controls

What If My Control Is Not Supported?

If TestLeft does not recognize your custom control automatically, you have several options to improve object identification:

  • Cast your custom control to a needed interface in your test manually. See Understanding Object Identification.

  • Associate your custom control class with the needed standard control.

  • Use supplementary object identification methods such as Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), UI Automation, Text Recognition.

Take Part in Our Survey on New Third-Party Control Support

Feel free to take part in our short survey and let us know what additional controls you would like TestLeft to support:

TestComplete Control Support Survey

Before each product release, we analyze survey results and focus our efforts on the most requested controls.

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