Supported Web Controls

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

TestLeft supports testing of various Web controls.

About Supported Web Controls

TestLeft can access web page elements displayed in supported web browsers. That is, you can access every P, DIV, IMG, INPUT and many other tags and their properties. As for web pages displayed in non-supported browsers (for instance, in Konqueror or in Netscape Navigator), you can simulate keystrokes or mouse clicks by coordinates, but you cannot address their individual elements.

In addition, TestLeft provides extended support for the most popular web controls and elements. These controls are automatically associated with special interfaces that extend the controls’ functionality with a number of supplementary methods and properties. Use these methods and properties to perform various operations over web elements and controls, for example, select individual items or retrieve the item text (see below).

Supported Browser Versions

TestLeft supports testing of Web controls in web applications displayed in the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer ver. 11.

  • Microsoft Edge ver. 83 - 99 (Chromium-based).

    Note: The non-Chromium version of Edge is not supported.

  • Mozilla Firefox ver. 91 ESR, 94 - 98.

  • Google Chrome ver. 99.

    Note: If you have a TestLeft version earlier than 2.42, your version of the SmartBear Test Extension will be incompatible with newer versions of the Chrome web browser. To test web applications in Chrome 99, you will have to upgrade your TestLeft version to 2.60 or later.
  • Any web browser based on the Microsoft WebBrowser control.

    Note: The Edge-based WebBrowser control is not supported.

  • Applications with Chromium Embedded Framework control.

Supported Controls

Below is a full list of web controls and elements, for which TestLeft provides extended support:

  • Check boxes
  • Combo boxes
  • List boxes
  • Table elements
  • Table cells (TD and TH elements)
  • Text boxes

Support for Web Application Framework Controls

Quite often, dynamic web pages are created using so-called web application frameworks - ASP.NET Ajax, Google Web Toolkit, Dojo Toolkit, Yahoo UI and others. These frameworks provide developers with a vast number of dynamic controls.

TestLeft can handle these controls without any preliminary preparations. Dynamic controls are typically recognized either as onscreen objects, or as special program objects that extend the controls’ functionality, like the above-mentioned program objects, Flex program objects, Java program objects or some other.

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