Supported Xceed Controls

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

TestLeft can simulate user actions and access internal properties and methods of various Xceed controls. You can also command your tests to recognize your custom controls as Xceed controls to simulate user actions against them.

About Supported Xceed Controls

TestLeft can work with any Xceed control via graphical user interface. In addition, it provides extended support for Xceed Grid controls. You can cast them to appropriate interfaces that extend the control’s functionality with a number of supplementary methods and properties. Use these methods and properties to simulate various user actions over the controls, for example, simulate mouse clicks on grid cells, get and set cell values, and so on.

Supported Controls

TestLeft recognizes controls by their class name. Below is a full list of the Xceed controls that TestLeft supports.

Controls Library Classes
Xceed GridControl Xceed Grid for .NET ver. 2.2 - 3.9 Xceed.Grid.GridControl

Recognizing Custom Controls

To command TestLeft to recognize your custom controls as Xceed controls, cast your control to the interface of the appropriate type.

If your control does not fit the type of the control, for which the interface provides support, it may improperly respond to commands that TestLeft will send, and simulating user actions against your control may cause errors.

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