TestExecute License Types

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on May 21, 2024

This page is related to key-based licenses — a regular license type used in TestExecute 15.40. For information on the new ID-based license type, see SmartBear ID-based Licenses.

SmartBear products use several license types. The most frequently used types are Node-Locked and Floating User.

TestExecute uses a Floating User license. It lets you run several TestExecute copies on multiple computers in the local network. The number of copies that can work concurrently is determined by the license key.

You enter the license key on one computer only: License Manager PC. There is no need to activate TestExecute on other workstations.

The license includes all TestComplete modules and the Intelligent Quality add-on.

  • TestExecute licenses do not depend on TestComplete licenses.

  • To use the Intelligent Quality add-on, enable it during TestExecute installation. Otherwise, enable the add-on and its plugins later via the Install Extensions dialog.

Activating Licenses

Before using TestExecute, activate your TestExecute license. See —

Activating Licenses

More Operations on Licenses
Resolving Problems

For information on resolving typical licensing issues, see —


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