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Applies to TestEngine 1.27.0, last modified on January 24, 2023


TestEngine is a test execution engine for centralizing and automating SoapUI and ReadyAPI tests to accelerate the API testing process.

With TestEngine, you can run ReadyAPI functional and security tests without installing ReadyAPI. As a result, you do not need to install ReadyAPI on each build agent when running tests from your CI/CD pipelines. Once sent, the tests are run in parallel by TestEngine.

TestEngine provides you with a RESTful API so you can run tests as you prefer:

  • Run tests automatically as a part of your build process in your CI/CD systems.

  • Run tests on a schedule.

  • Run tests manually.

You can run TestEngine on any supported operating system: Windows, Linux, or macOS. It has a web interface and can run on headless machines as well.

Why TestEngine?

  • Creates a dedicated prepared environment for running tests on a single machine.

  • Uses Jenkins or other similar tools to integrate TestEngine test runs into your CI/CD flow.

  • Runs multiple jobs in parallel.

  • Reduces the load on your own computer.

TestEngine licensing

TestEngine requires a separate license from ReadyAPI. You can equest a license on our website if you don't have one:

Contact SmartBear

Learn more about TestEngine licensing here: Licensing TestEngine.


  • Supports both centralized and distributed execution models, and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud using Docker, virtual machines, Mac, Linux, or Windows.

  • Accelerates delivery pipelines by running tests simultaneously.

  • Run large test suites alongside shorter ad-hoc tests with minimal infrastructure maintenance.

  • Queues requests to execute tests as they arrive and stage projects during peak periods. As demand changes, results are returned to distributed clients and stored for later consumption.

  • Accelerates test execution while avoiding complex environments.

  • Deploys anywhere and integrate easily with your existing workflows - without refactoring or changing anything.

What are TestEngine limitations?

There are a number of limitations toTestEngine:

How to get started with TestEngine?

Follow the steps below to get acquainted with TestEngine:

TestEngine Tutorial

You can also find help topics for installing, configuring, and using TestEngine here:

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