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Applies to TestEngine 1.31, last modified on June 07, 2024


TestEngine is a standalone runner of ReadyAPI functional and security tests that does not require an installed ReadyAPI. So, when you run tests from your CI/CD pipelines, you do not need to have ReadyAPI installed on each build agent. You send tests to TestEngine where they will run in parallel.

TestEngine provides you with a RESTful API so you can run tests as you wish:

  • Run tests automatically as a part of your build process in your CI/CD systems.

  • Run tests on a schedule.

  • Run tests manually.

You can run TestEngine on any supported operating system: Windows, Linux or macOS. It has a web interface and can run on headless machines as well.

Why use TestEngine?

  • You can create a dedicated prepared environment for test running on a single machine.

  • TestEngine test runs can be easily integrated into your CI/CD flow using Jenkins or other similar tools.

  • TestEngine can run multiple jobs in parallel.

  • You can reduce the load on your own computer as you run tests in TestEngine.

TestEngine limitations

TestEngine has a number limitations compared to ReadyAPI:

TestEngine licensing

TestEngine requires a separate license from ReadyAPI. If you do not have a license, you can request it on our website:

Contact SmartBear

To learn more about licensing in TestEngine, see Licensing TestEngine.

How to get started

To get acquainted with TestEngine, go through a step-by-step tutorial:

TestEngine Tutorial

Alternatively, you can learn how to install, configure and use TestEngine by using the following help topics:

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