Web UI Overview

Applies to TestEngine 1.30, last modified on May 07, 2024

The TestEngine web interface provides a way to inspect and control test runs, as well as TestEngine itself.

Open the web interface

If you have not opened the web interface yet, perform the following steps:

  1. In your web browser, enter the address of the machine where TestEngine is installed and the port where it starts (by default, 8080). For example, if you installed TestEngine on your local machine, you can open the web interface by using the following link:

  2. Log in to the web interface using the TestEngine user credentials.

Quick overview

The TestEngine web interface provides information on the tests sent to the server (their state and results). The Overview page shows running tests. Here you can cancel the queued test run or test in progress. The Page History shows all the finished or canceled tests. You can filter tests displayed in the table and search for specific tests.

TestEngine Web Interface

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After a test job is finished, you can see its short report: what test suites and test cases were run, the used environment, and the status of the assertions. To see the report, click the test job:

TestEngine Web Reports

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Administrators can use the web interface to manage users and control test jobs of other users. Besides, administrators can use the web interface to get information about the TestEngine state: they can inspect the Audit Log and used license. See Administration tasks for more information.

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