Unbinding Project Suite From the Subversion Repository

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

To unbind your project suite from Subversion:

Note: We recommend that, before unbinding your project suite from Subversion, you review all uncommitted changes in your working copy and commit them if needed.
  1. Close TestComplete.

  2. Open the folder on your computer where your project suite working copy resides and delete a hidden .svn folder from it.

  3. If you use Subversion 1.6 or earlier, delete the hidden .svn folder in all project suite’s subfolders, as well.

  4. Locate your project suite file (.pjs). It is an XML file that describes the structure and settings of the project suite.

  5. Open the project suite file in an XML or text editor of your choice and find the scc node that stores information on the source control to which the project suite is bound:


    <scc key="{6BC75D2A-C427-4331-B964-3F2F2F723581}" name="Subversion Plugin">
  6. Replace the scc section with the following:


    <scc name=""/>
  7. Save the changes.

  8. The same way, delete source control information for each project (.mds) in your project suite.

This will unbind your project suite from the Subversion repository and make your project suite unversioned.

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