Opening Projects From Source Control (Legacy)

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024
This topic describes functionality of the SCC API Providers plugin, which is obsolete and is left for backward compatibility only. To learn about supported source control integrations, see Integration With Source Control Systems.

If you store your project in source control, then to open it in TestComplete, you have to first get the project files from the source control and open the project in TestComplete.

With TestComplete you can open test projects directly from source control systems. To do this:

  1. Choose File | Source Control | Open From Source Control from the TestComplete main menu, or click the Open From Source Control item on the TestComplete Source Control toolbar.

    This will invoke the Select SCC Provider dialog box.

  2. In the dialog, choose the desired provider and click OK.

    TestComplete will pass control to the source control system you chose.

  3. The source control can then ask you to specify your user name and password for logging in. Enter your credentials and log in to the source control.

    Note: If you do not know what user name and password to specify, contact your system administrator or ask your colleagues or team leader.
  4. The source control will display a dialog in which you can choose the source control’s folder that stores your project files and specify the folder on your hard drive in which these files will be placed.

    Note: If the project belongs to a project suite added to source control, but the folder on your hard drive to which you place the project folder does not contain the appropriate project suite file, TestComplete may get the project files incorrectly. The project and all of its items will be marked with the icon and treated as if they were not added to source control.

    To avoid the issue, in the source control dialog, choose the source control folder that stores the appropriate project suite file rather than the project to store it in the folder on your hard drive.

  5. After you submit your choice in the dialog, the source control will get the latest version of the project files from the source control, place them in the specified local folder and TestComplete will display the project contents in the Project Explorer panel.


  • By default, TestComplete gets the latest version of project files from source control, it does not check them out. You can enable certain TestComplete settings, so that it automatically check outs files on opening. See Enabling Automatic Check-Ins and Check-Outs (Legacy).

  • If the folder in source control contains only one project or project suite file, then TestComplete automatically opens this project (or project suite) after getting files from the source control.

    If the folder in source control contains several project or project suite files, TestComplete gets all the files to a local folder and then displays the standard Open File dialog in which you need to choose a project or project suite to be opened.

  • The source control and TestComplete can display various messages when getting files. For instance, if the specified local folder already contains a writable copy of project files, the source control will ask you whether to replace these copies with their source control versions. If TestComplete checks out files, it displays a list of checked out project items.

    To get additional information for a message, click the Help button in it. Depending on the message source, you will see either the TestComplete help file, or the source control documentation.

  • You can use the “Open Project From Source Control” command with any test project or project suite that resides in source control. This project (or project suite) can be added to source control with TestComplete menu commands, or with any other source control client application.

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