Legacy Integration With Source Control Systems - Common Tasks

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024
This topic describes functionality of the SCC API Providers plugin, which is obsolete and is left for backward compatibility only. To learn about supported source control integrations, see Integration With Source Control Systems.

This section explains how you can perform common tasks like checking files in and out directly from TestComplete.

Binding Test Projects to Source Control (Legacy)

Describes how to add projects, project suites and project item files to a source control database.

Unbinding Projects and Project Suites From Source Code Control (Legacy)

Describes how to unbind a project or project suite from a source control system.

Opening Projects From Source Control (Legacy)

Explains how to open projects that are stored in source controls directly from within TestComplete.

Changing Source Control System or File Location in It (Legacy)

Describes how to change the location of project or project suite files in a source control database and how to store them to another source control database.

Checking Files In and Out (Legacy)

Describes how you can check in and check out files directly from TestComplete and discusses questions concerning the check-in/check-out status.

Adding New Elements to a Bound Project Suite (Legacy)

Describes how you can add new elements to a project suite bounded to a source control system.

Enabling Automatic Check-Ins and Check-Outs (Legacy)

Describes how you can configure TestComplete to check in and check out files when the project (or project suite) is opened or closed.

Branching and Merging Files (Legacy)

Describes how you can merge and branch files using TestComplete integration with source control systems via SCC API Providers.

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