Applies to TestComplete 14.70, last modified on October 20, 2020
This topic describes functionality of the SCC API Providers plugin, which is obsolete and is left for backward compatibility only. To learn about supported source control integrations, see Integration With Source Control Systems.

After you have added your TestComplete project to a source control system, you can check in and check out project files, view their properties, compare them, etc. All these actions will be performed with the source control system, to which you added the project to. That is, project item files must reside in the same source control database, in which the project holding this item is stored.

To change the location of a project (or project suite) in a source control database
To change the source control database
  • Unbind your project (or project suite) from its source control system. For more information on this, see Unbinding Projects and Project Suites From Source Code Control.
  • Select the project (or project suite) node in the Project Explorer panel.
  • Choose File | Source Control | Add Project (or File | Source Control | Add Project Suite) to initiate the addition of the project (or project suite) to a source control system (see Adding Files to Source Code Control). TestComplete will show the Select SCC Provider dialog in which you can select the desired source control system.
  • Upon pressing OK in the Select SCC Provider dialog, TestComplete will connect to the selected source control system and show the dialog in which you can specify the connection attributes and the desired source control database. If you work with the Subversion system using the SmartBear SVN provider, TestComplete will invoke the Select Subversion Repository dialog that lets you specify the database.

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