Managing Templates

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 23, 2024

You use the Template Manager dialog to view, create, modify or delete global issue-tracking templates. To call the dialog, click the Template Manager button on the Issue-Tracking toolbar.

Template Manager Dialog

The dialog holds a list of available global issue-tracking templates. The columns of the list are the same as columns of the Issue-Tracking Templates page of the project editor. For more information on them, see the page description.

You can arrange the list using customization capabilities provided by TestComplete.

To create a new template
  • Click Add.
  • Use the ensuing Template Editor dialog to specify template properties.
Note: To use global templates in your test projects, reopen your test project after you create or configure your global template.
To modify an existing template
  • Select the desired template in the templates list and click Edit.
  • Use the ensuing Template Editor dialog to change template properties.
To remove a template
  • Choose the desired template in the templates list and then click the Delete button.
Note: System templates cannot be deleted. To check whether a template is a system one, refer to the System column of the dialog. If the check box is selected, the template is a system one. Otherwise, the template is called a user template and you can modify it as you wish.

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