About TestComplete Platform, Modules and Add-Ons

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024

TestComplete components

TestComplete Modules and Add-ons: Desktop, Web, Mobile, Intelligent Quality
  • TestComplete Platform provides a test IDE with basic components for automated testing and test recording that are applicable to any application type. It supports black-box and image-based testing of Windows applications. In other words, using it you can create (record) and run tests that send keystrokes, clicks (with coordinates) and other mouse events to application windows and controls.

  • Technology Modules that extend the Platform to allow testing of applications created by using specific technologies: Desktop, Web, and Mobile.

    The Desktop, Web and Mobile modules give your tests access to internal objects, methods and properties of appropriate tested applications and provide specific support for application windows and controls. In other words, they let you create powerful and flexible tests.

    Note: The term module is used here to refer to a part of the product rather than to a file or library on a disk.

    You can find more information on features provided by each module on our website:

  • The Intelligent Quality add-on allows creating tests by using advanced testing techniques. Currently, it includes support for:

What TestComplete components do I need?

Depending on your tested applications and test scenarios, you will need TestComplete Platform, one or more modules to cover the related application technologies, and, possibly, the Intelligent Quality add-on.

When you install TestComplete, TestComplete Platform and all the available modules are installed automatically. Please note that to use a specific TestComplete module, you must have a license for it. To use the Intelligent Quality add-on, you also must have a license for it. In addition, you need to enable it during TestComplete installation. See Installation Steps.

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