About TestedApps Editor

Applies to TestComplete 15.0, last modified on October 19, 2021

Use the TestedApps editor to view and manage the list of tested applications in the current test project and configure tested application launch parameters.

Here is a sample view of the editor:

TestedApps editor

Click the image to enlarge it.

To Open the Editor

  1. Switch to the Project Explorer panel (if it is hidden, select View > Project Explorer from the main menu of TestComplete).

  2. Double-click the TestedApps project item or any of tested application items listed under the TestedApps node.

    – or –

    Right-click the TestedApps project item in the Project Explorer and select Edit from the context menu.

Information on the Editor

Tested Applications List

The left part of the editor contains the list of tested applications defined in your project. Each tested application in the list has its unique name. Each application in the list also displays the full name of the corresponding executable and the application’s icon (if the item refers to a non-existing executable file, it has the icon).

Launch Parameters

The right part of the editor displays launch parameters of an application selected in the tested applications list. Launch parameters are divided into two groups: Basic Parameters and Run-Mode Parameters. The basic parameters are the same for all applications. The run-mode parameters depend on the application type and run mode.

Parameters by application type

The footer area of the editor displays some properties of the tested application selected in the list:

  • Command line - The command-line that will be used to launch the application.

  • Script line - The script code which you can use to launch the application from your scripts. To launch the application from keyword tests, use the Run TestedApp operation.

Adding applications to the collection

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