Java Web Start Application Parameters

Applies to TestComplete 15.61, last modified on February 23, 2024

Support for Java Web Start has been removed from Java version 11.

The Tested Applications collection can include Java and JavaFX applications. These applications can start with the Java Web Start launcher – a javaws.exe executable that runs .jnlp files (these are manifests of Java Web Start applications). The TestedApps editor displays the following options that control how TestComplete starts these applications.

Basic Parameters

Parameter Description
Name The unique name of the tested application in the Tested Applications collection. This name is used to refer to the application in tests, for example, in the Run TestedApp keyword test operation.
Count The number of application instances that will be simultaneously launched during the test recording or run.
Autorun application on recording Select this option to have the application launched automatically when you start test recording.
Launch application from tests Uncheck this option to prevent the application from being launched by the Run TestedApp keyword test operation and the TestedApps.AppName.Run scripting method.

For example, you can define several instances of the tested application with different configurations and “disable” those not needed at the moment.

Run-Mode Parameters

The following parameters are specific to Java applications launched by using the Java Web Start technology:

Parameter Description
Java Web Start launcher to use The Java Web Start launcher (javaws.exe) that will be used to run the Java application. You can select a launcher from the drop-down list (the list contains the launchers that TestComplete was able to find on your computer). Or, you can click the button and browse for the desired Java Web Start launcher on your computer.
Specify application’s URL Specifies the path or URL of the .jnlp file of your Java application. You can type the file name manually, or click and browse for the file on your computer.

The file path can include environment variables, such as %PROGRAMFILES%, as well as project and project suite variables in the format $(VarName). For more information, see Using Variables in Tested Application Paths.

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