BitBar Application Parameters

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

To run tests in the BitBar device cloud, upload a tested mobile application to the cloud and start a testing session for it. To do this, you can add the tested application to the Tested Applications collection of the TestComplete project. To learn how to add the application, see Adding Applications to the List of Tested Applications.

This section describes the parameters of mobile applications added to the collection.

Basic Parameters

Parameter Description
Name The unique name of the tested application in the Tested Applications collection.

Run-Mode Parameters

Parameter Description
Mobile application file The full name (with the path) of the application file that will be uploaded to the BitBar cloud.

For Android, it must be an .apk file.

For iOS, it must be an .ipa file.

Reupload the tested application to BitBar when connecting to a device, if needed If selected, when your test opens a testing session for the application in BitBar, it will compare the application file added to the Tested Applications collection with the file stored in the BitBar File Library, and if the files are different, it will reupload the file to the library.

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