Update Selectors from Object Dialog

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

To identify objects on a web page or in a web application, TestComplete uses XPath expressions and CSS selectors that it stores in the Name Mapping repository. If an object in a tested application has been modified, you may need to update its selectors so that your tests can identify the object correctly.

You use the Update Selectors from Object dialog to update the object’s stored selectors to match the object you point out on the screen.

Update selectors from Object dialog

To call the dialog

  • In the Name Mapping repository, select the object whose selectors you want to update and click Update Selectors on the Name Mapping repository toolbar.

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  • Your tested web application must be opened in one of the supported web browsers running on your TestComplete workstation. Note: Accessing web applications running on remote devices is not available.

  • The object whose selectors you want to update must exist and be available in your tested web application.

To select the object

Select the object by pointing it out on the screen in one of the following ways:

  • Pick the object with the target glyph

    Drag the glyph to the desired onscreen object and drop it once the red frame appears around the object.

  • Point and press a shortcut

    Click the button, activate the desired object in the application and position the mouse pointer over it. When the red frame appears around the object, press the Select object shortcut, Shift+Ctrl+A. (The shortcut can be changed in the Global Shortcuts options.)


Using the second approach may be more convenient if you need to manipulate the application before selecting an object. For example, you can open and point to popup windows, tooltips, and other objects that are hidden when being inactive.

To make sure you have selected the correct object, you can click Highlight. TestComplete will highlight the object in the browser with the flashing red frame.

To update the selectors to match the object, click OK. TestComplete will replace the existing selectors with new ones.

To close the dialog without updating the selectors, click Cancel.

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