Categories of Object Methods and Properties

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

All object properties and methods displayed in the Object Browser are organized into categories: Standard, Actions, UI Automation, .NET and others. The Standard category includes object members provided by TestComplete. These properties and methods are displayed in the Object Browser for all tested objects. Which categories you can see in the Object Browser depends on the type of the application you are exploring and on the features enabled in TestComplete.

For instance, if you are exploring a Java application and the Java Application Support feature is enabled in TestComplete, you will see the object properties exposed by this feature in the Java category of the Properties tabbed page.

You can specify how the categories of methods and properties will be arranged in the Object Browser by using the Categories sorting settings group displayed in the Object Browser Options dialog. These settings allow you to select the desired sort order of categories. You can also define your own order of categories by using the Categories Sorting dialog. To call this dialog, select Custom and click the Customize button in the Categories sorting settings group of the Object Browser Options dialog.

To search for certain items on the Properties, Fields, Methods and Events pages of the Object Browser, you can use Quick Search. It will filter out the items of the currently open Object Browser page according to the text that you are typing in the Quick Search edit box.

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