How the Table Verification Works

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

In TestComplete, you can use table checkpoints to verify data of controls that display information in the tabular form. This verification is performed by comparing the actual data of the control with a baseline copy that is stored by a Table element of the Stores > Tables collection of your project.

The verification procedure works in the following manner:

  1. The table checkpoint checks whether the control which contains the data to be verified exists. The checkpoint waits for the control for the period of time specified by the Auto-wait timeout setting. If the object has not been found by the end of the delay, the checkpoint fails.

  2. If the needed control exists, TestComplete retrieves its actual data.

  3. If you specified the exact number of rows for verification, the table checkpoint checks whether the number of rows in the actual data differs from the stored number of rows. If the numbers differ, the checkpoint fails.

  4. The checkpoint checks whether the actual data contains all of the columns stored in the baseline table.

  5. Further operations depend on whether the stored baseline table contains columns marked as key columns or not.

    If you mark columns as key columns, TestComplete will ignore the rows order when comparing. It uses key columns to determine if the row exists in the actual control. If you do not mark any columns as key, TestComplete will perform the comparison according to the rows order.

    • If you defined key columns, then the checkpoint –

      • Iterates through stored rows.

      • Uses the key columns to locate the appropriate row in the actual control.

      • Compares the columns of the stored and actual rows.

    • If you do not define key columns, then the checkpoint –

      • Compares the stored rows and the actual rows one by one. In other words, it compares the first stored row with the first actual row, then compares the second stored row with the second actual row and so on.

    For information on key columns, see Using Key Columns.

  6. The checkpoint fails if the stored value differs from the relevant actual value. Each difference found by the checkpoint is reported to the Details panel of the test log.

    Note: When comparing records, TestComplete compares only those fields that are checked in the Table Element editor. Unchecked values are ignored.

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