Applies to TestComplete 14.30, last modified on November 21, 2019

The Tables collection of the Stores project item contains Table elements. Each Table element contains data retrieved from an object or component that represents data in the tabular form.

Tables collection in the Project Explorer

Usually, Table elements are used for comparison purposes. You can use them to check whether the specified table object contains the same values that are stored in your project. In other words, you can check whether the table control matches the stored baseline copy. For more information on using Table elements for comparison, see About Table Checkpoints.

To view and modify data stored by Table elements, use the Table Element editor.

TestComplete also provides special scripting objects called Tables and Table that you can use to perform the check.

Supported Controls

Table elements can store data retrieved from a wide range of standard Windows and third-party controls that display their data in the tabular form. For the complete list of supported controls, see Tables.

See Also

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