Working With the Table Element Editor

Applies to TestComplete 15.0, last modified on October 14, 2021

This topic provides information on tasks you can accomplish in the Table Element editor:

Including or Excluding Values from the Comparison

When performing a comparison, TestComplete will compare only those values whose check box is selected in the editor.

  • To mark a cell for comparison, select its check box in the editor.

  • To exclude a cell from comparison, clear its check box.

  • To exclude the whole row, uncheck all of the cells of that row.

Changing Data

To modify stored data, do the following:

  • Click the desired cell in the editor or select the desired cell and press F2.

  • Type a new value in the in-place editor.

  • To confirm changes and close the in-place editor, press Enter. To discard changes, press Esc.

Note: It is not recommended to change values of key columns since they are used to identify rows during the comparison. Changing values of these columns may cause the comparison to fail.

For information on how to modify stored values from tests, see Modifying Table Elements.

Reassigning Key Columns

A key is a value or a combination of values that is unique for every row in a table. Key columns are used for identifying rows during comparison.

You set a key column (or a combination of key columns) while creating a Table element. Key columns in the Table Element editor have the icon in the header.

To reassign key columns, do the following:

  • In the Table Element Editor, click Edit.

  • In the resulting wizard, specify another set of key columns.

Changing the Table Object

The name of the table object whose data will be compared with the stored data is displayed in the Table object edit box of the editor. To change the object, do the following:

  • Click Edit in the Table Element editor.

  • In the resulting wizard, select the desired object and retrieve data from it.

Updating Table Content

To update the data stored in the current Table element, in the Table Element editor click Update.

TestComplete will retrieve the table data from the object specified in the Table object edit box and load it to the Table element.

For more information on how to update Table element data, see Updating Table Elements.

Saving Changes

To save changes made to the Table Element editor, select File > Save from the TestComplete main menu.

To close the editor without saving changes, close the editor’s tab and answer “No” when TestComplete asks you whether to save changes.

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