Tips on Selecting Properties to Verify

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

Below are some tips on selecting properties to be checked by using property checkpoints:

  • To verify the window caption (title), use the WndCaption property.

  • To verify text in an edit control, use the wText property.

  • To verify the value of a control with a range of values, such as a spin box or a slider, use the wValue property.

  • To verify the selected date or time in a date-time edit control, use the wDate or wTime property, respectively.

Note: If the mentioned wNNN properties are not available (this can happen if the control is not supported by TestComplete), use the control’s native properties instead. For information about native properties available for a specific control, refer to the documentation on the development tools and libraries that were used to create your tested application.

However, in .NET, WPF, Silverlight and Java applications, native properties of the string data type may be incompatible with the string data type used in TestComplete. In this case, checkpoints for these native properties will always fail.

  • To verify the text of web page elements, use the contentText property, which returns the combined text of a web page element and its child elements. The contentText property is cross-browser, that is, it is available in all the supported web browsers.

    It is not recommended to use the native innerText and textContent properties in checkpoints, because they are not cross-browser. See also Handling Browser Differences.

  • When creating a property checkpoint for a web element’s attribute, activate the More Properties mode in the Property Checkpoint wizard to view the available attributes.

    Note: The Property Checkpoint wizard does not display custom attributes of web elements. If you need to create a checkpoint for a custom attribute, select any other attribute or property in the wizard and then modify the created checkpoint to use the needed attribute.

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