Manual Checkpoints

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

During testing you may need to perform various verification actions. For instance, you may need to check that the application is in the appropriate state or that the object properties contain the appropriate values, or that the window or browser displays the appropriate content. Some verifications, like checking the object properties, may be done automatically, while some others may be complex and require user interaction. We call these verifications manual checkpoints. The following topics provide detailed information about these checkpoints:

About Manual Checkpoints

Explains how manual checkpoints function, provide information about requirements and explains where you can find the script code that implements the checkpoint functionality.

Creating Manual Checkpoints

Describes how to create and use manual checkpoints.

Manual Checkpoints in Keyword Tests

Explains how to insert manual checkpoints into a keyword test.
Related Topics of Interest

ManualCheck Object

Describes the ManualCheck scripting object that implements the checkpoint functionality.

Pre-Installed Script Extensions

The manual checkpoint is built on the script extensions technology. The code that implements the checkpoint functionality is shipped with TestComplete. This topic provides information about pre-installed script extensions including the Manual Checkpoint extension.

Manual Testing

Contains information about the Manual Testing project item. It is used to create and run manual tests with TestComplete.

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