Applies to TestComplete 14.10, last modified on June 5, 2019
Information in this topic applies to desktop applications only.

If your tested application freezes, exits unexpectedly or throws exceptions, you can use TestComplete tools to track down the cause of these issues.

In This Section

Tracing Exceptions, Crashes and Freezes - Overview

Provides a general description of the methods that you can use to trace exceptions and freezes in tested applications.

Debug Services Support - Required Plugins

Provides information about the DbgServices plug-in file.

Tracing Events and Exceptions With Debug Services

Describes how to use the Debug run mode and DbgServices object to trace exceptions and events in tested applications.

Tracing Events and Exceptions With AQtime

Describes how to use AQtime to trace debug events and exceptions that occur in tested applications.

Diagnosing Application Freezes

Describes how to monitor and diagnose applications’ hang-ups with TestComplete.

Creating Process Dumps During a Test Run

Describes the test operations for creating process dumps.

Tracing Windows Dump Reports

Describes how TestComplete tracks dump reports generated by Windows.

Related Topics of Interest

Handling Exceptions in Scripts

Explains how to handle exceptions that occur in tested applications in your script code.


To use the following samples, download the TestComplete Samples installation package from the page of our website and run it.

DbgServices object

Shows how to use the DbgServices object to trace applications:

TestComplete project suites:

<TestComplete Samples>\Desktop\Running Tested Applications\DbgServices

AQtime objects

Shows how to use AQtime objects to trace applications:

TestComplete project suites:

<TestComplete Samples>\Desktop\Coverage Testing

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