TestComplete Helper Objects

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

TestComplete includes many scripting objects. Some of them provide access to TestComplete project items and settings from tests; others help with common testing tasks and serve various utility functions.

This topic lists only the major helper objects and describes their functionality.

Program objects that correspond to TestComplete project items are described in the sections related to these project items. Also a complete description of every program object is given in the Program Objects section of the References.

The helper program objects are available in each of supported scripting languages, so their functionality is script-independent.

ADO Provides support for working with Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO): databases, tables, queries, stored procedures, etc.
aqConvert Provides unified methods for converting between various data types: integer to string, date/time to string, variant to boolean and so forth.
aqDateTime Provides unified methods for working with date and time values: retrieve current date, add or subtract one date/time value from another, compare two dates and so on.
aqEnvironment Provides unified methods for obtaining information about the operating system, the TestComplete plugin set and for performing various environment-specific operations.
aqFile Provides methods for creating, renaming, copying, deleting files as well as for reading from and writing to text and binary files.
aqFileSystem Provides methods to work with the computer’s file system: obtain information about drives, folders and files, change file attributes, construct relative file paths, connect to the network drive.
aqObject Provides unified methods for operating objects’ members at run time: call methods, compare properties, check if an object has a specified member.
aqString Allows performing various operations with string values: comparing, concatenating, splitting, searching for a substring, replacing occurrences.
AQtimeIntegration Provides a scripting interface to functionality of AQtime 4.7 or later. Contains methods that let you start AQtime, select the desired profiler, start and terminate profiling, generate results and so on.
aqUtils Provides various helper routines like test delay, beep, validate identifier name.
BDE Deprecated. Provides support for working with Borland Database Engine (BDE): retrieve data from databases and tables, execute queries and stored procedures.
BuiltIn Contains named constants and helper routines for manipulating various data, display message dialogs or prompt for user input. Most of routines of this object are obsolete and replaced with analogs from aqNNN objects.
DbgServices Allows running the desired application in Debug mode or attaching to a running process and enabling TestComplete to trace debug events and exceptions that occur in this process.
DebugAgent Provides a scripting interface used to configure Debug Info Agent.
dotNET Provides a scripting interface for calling routines defined in .NET assemblies.
DLL Provides a scripting interface for calling routines from dynamic link libraries.
HISUtils Makes it possible to use regular expressions in DelphiScript. Also it adds the stopwatch functionality to TestComplete.
Indicator Provides means for controlling the TestComplete indicator from tests: show, hide, output custom text.
JavaClasses Provides the ability to call routines from Java classes and access Java types and type members.

Provides the ability to create, update Jira issues, and attach the desired files to them from TestComplete script tests.

The Jira object is only available if the external JiraSupport script extension is installed and enabled in TestComplete. To learn how you can do it, see Sending Issues to Jira From Script Tests.

ManualTestBuilder Provides the ability to create manual tests from scripts.
Options Provides a scripting interface to TestComplete options.
Runner Provides means for controlling script execution from script. It includes methods that allow you to stop the script execution and run routines by their names.
slPacker Provides methods for compressing test results, files and folders from tests.
Utils Provide a scripting interface to various helper objects: Picture, Rect, Point, Timers and other.
Win32API Provides the ability to call Win32 API functions from TestComplete tests.
WMI Provides access to the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) functionality from TestComplete tests.

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