Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

This section provides information about TestComplete program objects, events, supported scripting languages and components used to design custom user forms.

In This Section

Test Objects

Contains information on various scripting objects, methods and properties provided by TestComplete for simulating user actions on windows and controls in applications under test.

Scripting Objects

Contains information on program objects, methods and properties you can use in your tests.

Project and Project Item Objects

Provides information on objects, methods and properties provided by TestComplete for accessing TestComplete project suites, projects and individual project items.

TestComplete Events

Provides information on TestComplete events.

Language Reference

Provides information on supported scripting languages and their usage specifics.

User Form Components

Contains information on components that you can use to design custom user forms.

User Interface

Provides information about TestComplete panels, menus and toolbars and explains how to work with them.

TestComplete Settings and Options

Provides information about TestComplete settings and options.

TestComplete REST APIs

Describes the APIs provided with TestComplete.

Using Wildcards

Describes how to use wildcards in tests.

Regular Expressions Syntax

Provides information on how to write regular expressions.

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