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Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024


Writing Scripts - Quick Start

A tutorial that briefly explains key points and helps you get started writing scripts.

In This Section


Holds general information on scripts, units, scripting languages, requirements, etc.

Selecting the Scripting Language

Describes how to decide which supported language you should use in your project.

Run Scripts

Describes how to run script tests.

Supported Scripting Languages - Specifics of Usage

Provides information on certain usage specifics of the scripting languages.

Calling Routines

Describes how to call routines in your tests.

Calling Methods Asynchronously

Describes how you can call methods asynchronously (that is, call the method and does not wait until it returns the execution control).

Calling Project Items From Scripts

Explains how to refer to project items from scripts.

TestComplete Helper Objects

Lists major helper objects that are available in TestComplete and describes their functionality.

Handling Exceptions in Scripts

Describes how to handle exceptions that occur in scripts and in the application under test.

Using Dictionary Object To Address Array Elements With String Indexes

Describes how to use dictionaries in your tests.

Using Namespaces

Describes how to use namespaces in your tests.

Using Regular Expressions in Scripts

Describes how to work with regular expressions in your tests.

Using Structures in Scripts

Explains how to create and use structures in scripts.

Using Timers

Describes how to use timers in scripts.


Describes how to annotate script tests with tags.

Working With Various Objects In Script Tests

Describes how to work with various objects in script tests.

Converting Scripts From One Scripting Language To Another

Describes how to convert tests from one scripting language to another.

How to Create or Delete a Script Routine

Describes how to create and delete script routines in TestComplete.

Code Editor

Describes the TestComplete Code Editor.

Code Explorer

Describes the TestComplete Code Explorer panel.

Sending Email From Scripts

Explains how to create script code that will send e-mail messages.

Working With Colors

Explains how to work with colors in TestComplete tests.

Related Topics of Interest

Simulating User Actions

Explains how to simulate user actions (keystrokes, mouse clicks, double-clicks, window activation, etc.) in scripts.

Object Browser Naming Notation

Contains information on how TestComplete recognizes processes, windows and controls.

Addressing Objects of Open Applications

Contains information about addressing objects that reside in Open Applications.

Calling Win32 API Functions

Provides information on calling Win32 API functions from TestComplete scripts.

Calling Functions From .NET Assemblies

Explains how to call functions that reside in .NET assemblies from your TestComplete scripts.

Calling DLL Functions From Tests - Tutorial

Explains how to write a script that will call a routine that is defined in a dynamic link library.

Working With XML Files From Scripts

Describes how to read data from and write them to XML files from scripts.

Working With Files From Scripts

Describes how to perform various operations with files from scripts.

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Writing Scripts - Quick Start

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