TcxComboBox Object

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

The TcxComboBox component is a combo box control where a user can enter text or select a value from the dropdown list. The dropdown list appears when the user clicks the dropdown button or presses the F4, Alt+Up or Alt+Down keys. Additionally, if the Properties.ImmediateDropDown property is set to True, the dropdown list appears as the user is typing text in the edit field.

To populate the list of items displayed in the dropdown list, use the Properties.Items property. The index of the currently selected item is stored in the ItemIndex property. Whether the user can enter text into the component or can only select one of the values from the dropdown list is determined by the Properties.DropDownListStyle property.

To adjust the appearance of the dropdown window holding the item's list, use the Properties.DropDownWidth, Properties.DropDownRows, Properties.DropDownSizeable and Properties.DropDownAutoWidth properties.

Using the Properties property you can also manage other specific combo box component settings.

The TcxComboBox object raises a number of events that you can process in your scripts. For example, you can create an event handler for the OnEditValueChanged event to perform specific actions when the user selects an item from the dropdown list.

TcxComboBox Properties

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TcxComboBox Events

Note: In some cases, you may find the TcxMRUEdit component more useful than TcxComboBox. TcxMRUEdit provides the same functionality as TcxComboBox, plus it automatically “remembers” all values entered by the user and adds them to the dropdown list.

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