TcxRadioGroup Object

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

The TcxRadioGroup component represents a group of radio buttons functioning together. This means that when the user checks a radio button from the group, others become unchecked. The TcxRadioGroup component is similar to the group of TcxCheckBox components. The difference is that the group of check boxes lets the user choose several options at once, whereas the group of radio buttons only lets the user select one of the mutually exclusive options.

To access the collection of radio buttons displayed by the component, use the Properties.Items property. Using methods of the resulting TcxRadioGroupItems collection, you can add, remove and move radio buttons within the group.

The component recognizes items by their captions. Each item must have a unique caption within the component. Otherwise, the component will not be able to distinguish items.

The radio buttons can be arranged into several columns. The number of columns is specified by the Properties.Columns property.

To get or set the index of the currently selected radio button, use the ItemIndex property.

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