TcxProgressBarProperties Object

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 25, 2024

The TcxProgressBarProperties object is a helper object that contains properties specific to the TcxProgressBar component. To obtain the TcxProgressBarProperties object from scripts, use the TcxProgressBar.Properties property.

The Min and Max properties specify a range of values that the progress bar can represent.

The progress bar appearance is specified by the BarStyle, BeginColor and EndColor properties. The Orientation and TextOrientation properties let you adjust the orientation of the progress bar and the text displayed in it.

To enable the overload bar feature, set the ShowOverload property to True. If this feature is enabled, you can use the OverloadValue, OverloadBeginColor and OverloadEndColor properties to specify the appearance of the overload bar.

To enable the peak mark feature, set the ShowPeak property to True. To specify the peak mark appearance, you can use the PeakValue, PeakColor and PeakSize properties.

With the Marquee property, you can enable the Marquee mode to make the progress bar display the animated progress block indicating activity, not the completion percentage. The BarStyle property also obtains Windows style progress bars that have additional animated highlight elements.

To configure the animation elements' settings, use the AnimationPath, AnimationRestartDelay and AnimationSpeed properties.

To obtain the bar's text, use the Text property.

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