Properties Added to MSAA Objects

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 22, 2024

TestComplete adds the following properties to all objects that are exposed by the Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) engine.

Property List

Name Description
Caption Returns the object’s accessibility name.
Checked Indicates whether a menu item is checked.
ControlIndex Returns the object’s index within the parent container.
ControlIndexInGroup Returns the object’s index among sibling objects of the same type.
Default (Button Object) Indicates whether the current button is the default button in a window.
Description Returns the object accessibility description.
Expanded Specifies whether an item of a tree or outline control is expanded.
Focus Returns the index of the focused list box item.
Focused Indicates whether the object is focused.
FocusedTab Returns the index of the focused tabbed page.
IsMultiSelect (List object) Indicates whether several items can be selected in a list control.
Item Returns the caption of a list item specified by index.
ItemCount Returns the total number of items in a list box or combo box.
ListSeparator (List Object) Gets or sets the character that separates items in a list control.
NativeObject Provides access to the IAccessible interface of a window.
ObjectGroupIndex Returns the object’s index within a group of objects that have the same identifier.
ObjectIdentifier Returns an object’s identifier.
ObjectType Returns the object’s type name.
Pressed (Button Object) Indicates whether a button is pressed.
ReadOnly Indicates whether an object is read-only.
Selected (CheckBox, Edit, ListItem, MenuItem, OutlineItem and PageTab Objects) Specifies whether the object is selected.
Selected (List Object) Indicates whether the specified list box item is selected.
SelectedItem Returns the index of the selected combo box item.
State Specifies the state of a check box or a radio button.
TabCaption Returns the caption of a tabbed page.
TabCount Returns the number of pages in a tab control.
Text Gets or sets the text of the edit control.
Value Gets or sets the object value.

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