Integration Object Methods

Applies to TestComplete 15.61, last modified on February 27, 2024

The Integration object contains the following methods:

Method List

Name Description
CloseProjectSuite Closes the project suite opened in TestComplete.
ExportResults Exports the results of the last executed test to a .mht file.
GetLastResultDescription Returns the IntegrationResultDescription object that provides information on results of the last test run.
GetObjectByName Obtains a program object by its name.
Halt Stops the test run and posts the specified error message to the test log.
IsProjectSuiteOpened Specifies whether a project suite is opened in TestComplete.
IsRecording Checks whether TestComplete is in recording mode.
IsRunning Specifies whether TestComplete is running a test.
OpenProjectSuite Obsolete. Opens a project suite in TestComplete.
OpenProjectSuiteEx Opens a project suite in TestComplete and converts it to the format adopted in the current version of TestComplete, if it is needed.
RunProject Initiates execution of tests provided by the specified project.
RunProjectItem Initiates execution of tests provided by the specified project item.
RunProjectSuite Initiates execution of the opened project suite.
RunProjectTestItem Initiates execution of the specified project test item.
RunRoutine Initiates execution of a script routine that does not return values and does not use parameters.
RunRoutineEx Initiates execution of a script routine that has parameters and/or returns a value.
RunTestByName Initiates execution of a test specified by its full name.
Stop Stops all the test running in TestComplete.

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