Test Actions Category

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024

The Test Actions category contains operations that simulate various user actions and perform various testing operations.

Operation Description
Call Object Method Calls a method, action or property of any object available to the test engine (including the objects like Log, Project, aqFile, aqEnvironment, ADO and other objects shown in the Code Completion window).
Find Object Searches for the specified object in the system.
If Object Executes or skips the execution of child operations according to the object’s state (existence, visibility and so on).
Image Based Action Simulates a user action over a control specified by its image in the Image Repository.
Menu Action Simulates user actions on the main, context or system menu of the specified window or on the context menu of the specified control.
OCR Action Recognizes the text content of a UI element and simulates user actions over the element’s area that contains the specified text fragment or next to the specified fragment.
On-Screen Action Calls a method, action or property of a window or control to simulate user actions over this window or control.
Process Action Simulates user actions over a process.
Run Code Snippet Executes a short code-snippet (single line of code).
Run Keyword Test Runs another keyword test from the given test.
Run Script Routine Calls a script routine from the given keyword test.
Run Test Executes any test defined in your TestComplete project.
Run TestedApp Launches tested applications from the keyword test.

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