Features Added to TestComplete 9.30

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to TestComplete 9.30. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

Web Testing Improvements

  • Opera and Safari support. You can now use TestComplete 9.30 to record and play back tests in Opera and Apple Safari in addition to previously supported Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. In other words, you can now test your web applications across all major web browsers. For more information, see Classic Web Testing and Considerations for Web Testing.

  • Support for Chrome 27 and Firefox 21. We continue support for web testing in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Version 9.30 introduces support for the most recent versions of these browsers.

  • More supported Ext JS controls. The new version adds support for Ext JS FieldSet, TreePanel, ComboBox, Date, Grid and Time widgets. See Supported Sencha Ext JS Controls.

  • Extended jQuery UI support. TestComplete provides support for the recent 1.8.20, 1.9.2 and 1.10.2 versions of jQuery UI controls.

  • More robust web object identification:

    • TestComplete now detects dynamic object ids in web applications and does not use them in the object identification criteria. Also, TestComplete can generate stable identifiers for dynamic web objects by extracting unchanging positions of their dynamic ids. You can customize dynamic identifier handling rules to make them better suit your web application under test. For more information, see Handle Dynamic Identifiers.

    • TestComplete now generates simpler and enhanced Name Mapping for web applications by omitting certain container objects that are not directly used in tests, such as divs and tables in the web page layout. This makes your web tests more resistant to changes in the web page layout.

      Enhanced Name Mapping uses the Extended find setting to identify web page objects. You can switch between generating a simplified or full web object hierarchy in Name Mapping using the Use extended find when possible option in Tools | Options | Engines | Name Mapping.

  • Access to Flash Player settings from tests. The new Options.FlashSettings object enables you to configure the debug version of Flash Player from your tests - add and delete trusted locations, modify the mm.cfg file contents, get the Flash Player version, install the TestComplete FlashInjector module and so on.

  • The new Browsers.SystemDefaultBrowser property lets you determine the default web browser used in the system.

  • The BrowserInfo.Version property has been changed from a string to a FileVersionInfo object to let you easily get the browser’s major and minor version numbers. This is backward-compatible, and all of your existing tests will continue to work with no changes.

New Supported Technologies

  • JavaFX 2 support. TestComplete now supports testing of applications created with JavaFX SDK v. 2.2.7 and 2.2.21 and provides recording and playback support for JavaFX controls: buttons, combo boxes, radio buttons, and others. See Supported JavaFX Controls.

    TestComplete also has the new JavaFX nodes... project option that allows you to set up what JavaFX objects must be included in the object hierarchy. Using this option, you can filter out unnecessary objects and make your tests more readable.

  • Qt 5 support. TestComplete now enables you to automate testing of Qt 5 applications. The modules that provide support for earlier versions of the Qt library can be downloaded from our web site:


  • Apache Flex 4.9 support. TestComplete now supports automated testing of applications created with the Apache Flex SDK ver. 4.9.

  • Extended Subversion support. The new version adds support for CollabNet Subversion versions 1.7.7 - 1.7.9.

    In addition, Subversion integration performance has been improved.

  • Support for Atlassian JIRA 6.0, 5.2 and 5.0. You can now use TestComplete to create issues in Atlassian JIRA ver 5.0, 5.2 and the most recent JIRA version 6.0 directly from the TestComplete test log.

    The Add Bug to JIRA Database dialog now has a new Group field that allows you to specify the user group of which the user to whom you want to assign an issue is a member.

  • Support for Axosoft OnTime 2013 and 2012. We extended support for Axosoft OnTime in TestComplete. Now you can create issues in Axosoft OnTime 2013 and 2012 directly from within TestComplete IDE.

  • AQtime 8 integration. TestComplete now integrates with the latest version of the performance and memory profiler AQtime by SmartBear.

Extended Support for Third-Party Controls

  • Enhanced support for Telerik Silverlight controls. TestComplete now provides support for the latest versions of Telerik RadControls for Silverlight - Q2 2012, Q3 2012 and Q1 2013.

  • Extended support for WinForms controls. TestComplete introduces extended support for WinForms controls included in the following libraries:

    • Developer Express WinForms controls 2012 Vol 2.8.

    • Infragistics NetAdvantage 2013 Vol.1

    • Syncfusion Essential Studio 2013 Vol.1 (11.1)

    • Telerik RadControls for WinForms 2013.1 (Q1 2013)

Test Visualizer Improvements

  • You can now quickly delete all Visualizer images from all tests in your test project. To do that, go to Tools | Current Project Properties | Visualizer and click Delete All Visualizer Frames.

  • New Test Visualizer options provide finer control over data stored by the Visualizer. You can choose to store both images and object data, only images or none. The options can be set individually for test recording and playback. For more information, see Default Project Properties - Visualizer Options.

    Full data capture (images and object data) can be useful, for example, when developing new tests, while image-only capture offers improved performance and the reduced Visualizer file storage size for existing tests.

Name Mapping Improvements

  • Faster mapping of objects from the Object Browser. In earlier versions when you added objects to Name Mapping from the Object Browser, you were taken through a wizard to select the identification properties for the objects. TestComplete can now automatically map objects with the default set of identification properties if you choose so.

  • Easier Name Mapping maintenance. TestComplete now offers quick fixes for the most common object identification issues. For example, it can update mapping settings of missing objects to match similar objects with similar identification properties. For more information, see Name Mapping.

  • The Store Code Completion information option was moved from project properties to the Name Mapping editor for easier access.

Distributed Testing Improvements

Other Changes

  • TestComplete and TestExecute support the following new command-line arguments:

    • TestComplete and TestExecute

      • The new /ErrorLog:File_name argument commands the test engine to save the description of the error that does not allow running the test to the text file specified by the File_name parameter.

      • The new /Timeout:Time_in_seconds argument specifies a timeout for the test run. When the time specified by Time_in_seconds elapses, TestComplete (or TestExecute) posts an error message to the test log and closes.

      • Test results include several files. TestComplete and TestExecute can now save test results to a special archive .tcLogX file that can then be included in the project and viewed directly from within TestComplete IDE (see Exporting Test Results).

        You specify the file name using the existing /ExportLog:File_name command-line argument. Exporting results to .mht files is also supported.

    • TestExecute only

      • The /DoNotShowLog argument commands TestExecute not to show test results automatically after the test run is over.

  • The Log.SaveResultAs method now has a new LogScope parameter that allows you to limit the amount of exported test log data.
  • TestComplete 9.30 includes updated versions of Sentinel licensing modules. They provide accelerated performance, offer improved Web interface and include a number of bug fixes.

  • The new commands Save Project Suite As and Save Project As were added in the File menu. They allow you to save a copy of the current project suite or project to another location.

  • The new Show code conversion warning option specifies whether TestComplete displays a warning when you import a keyword test with code snippets into a test project that uses a different scripting language.

  • A number of bugs have been fixed.

Discontinued Support

  • Mozilla Firefox ver. 3.6, 10-17.

  • Extended support for Silverlight applications in Mozilla Firefox.

    Note: You can still test Silverlight applications in Firefox using the UI Automation technology.
  • Google Chrome 26.

  • JavaFX 1.2 and 1.2.1.

  • The following options became obsolete and were removed:

    • Show notifications for Silverlight applications running in Firefox
    • Exposed custom nodes and Do not recognize JavaFX stages as AWT\Swing components options of JavaFX support
  • The following scripting objects and properties have become obsolete and are supported for backward compatibility only:

    • The AQtime4, AQtime5, AQtime6 and AQtime7 objects,

    • The AQtimeIntegration.AQtime4, AQtimeIntegration.AQtime5, AQtimeIntegration.AQtime6 and AQtimeIntegration.AQtime7 properties.

    Use the AQtime object instead.

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