Features Added to TestComplete 14.72

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to TestComplete 14.72. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

In version 14.72

Test run improvements

It is easier to configure test runs now. We’ve renamed the Test Items page, where you define the tests to be run, to Execution Plan and moved it from the project editor to the project tree. You can find it directly below the project node in the Project Explorer:

New Execution Plan node in the Project Explorer

Click the image to enlarge it.

Web testing improvements

  • Now, by default, all new projects use XPath expressions and CSS selectors for object location. This makes all web tests you create in these projects cross-platform-compatible. If you need to create “old” web tests for some reason, clear the Use XPath expressions ... check box in the Create Project wizard when creating a project.

  • Web test recording performance has been improved. For the Chrome browser - significantly.

  • We’ve also improved mapping algorithms. TestComplete now automatically excludes insignificant intermediate objects from the Name Mapping tree. This makes the generated mapping names shorter and easier to understand. This also makes mapping criteria more reliable and helps the test engine find objects faster.


  • Support for iOS 14.2. You can create and run tests for iOS applications running on this operating system.

  • Support for recent versions of web browsers:

    • Google Chrome 87.
    • Mozilla Firefox 84.
  • Better support for Windows Store applications. Previous TestComplete versions could search for an application process using a wrong ID. This could happen if the tested Windows Store application did not have the DisplayName value set in its properties. Now, TestComplete uses the correct ID for the search. However, this fix may affect your existing tests. You may need to update them or change the Name Mapping conditions to find your tested Windows Store app correctly.

  • We’ve also fixed a few issues reported by our customers.

Discontinued support

  • The Web Testing option Use CSS pixels for scaled pages has become obsolete. It is on by default (this helps your tests work better with scaled and long pages), and we would recommend keeping it on forever. We are going to delete this option in one of the future releases. If your tests rely on the off state of this option, you will need to update them.

  • The obsolete support for CrossBrowserTesting (the Environments node and related features) has gone. We declared it deprecated in TestComplete 14.40, and now have removed it completely:

    • The Environments node is no longer available in TestComplete projects. If you have project suites created in earlier TestComplete versions, the node will be removed from them when you open them in the new TestComplete version.

    • The same will happen to the test logs created during these test runs. They will be removed from your projects when you open the projects in the new TestComplete version.

    • The /cbt command-line option is no longer supported.

    • The RunEnvironmentManager and RunCrossBrowserTesting methods have been removed from the TestComplete Library (used to control TestComplete tests via COM).

    To run web tests in CrossBrowserTesting environments, use the Device Cloud add-on. To learn more, see About Cross-Platform Web Tests.

  • TestComplete no longer supports CEF3 version 1750.

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