Features Added to TestComplete 11.1

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to TestComplete 11.1. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

Web Testing Improvements

  • Microsoft Edge support. Now you can create and run automated tests for web and RIA applications running in Microsoft Edge. This is the newest browser from Microsoft, which was introduced in Windows 10.

    Support for Edge is similar to support that TestComplete provides for other browsers. TestComplete “sees” Edge as a Browser process, and the web elements in Edge have the same hierarchy, names and properties as they have in other browsers. The updated parameters and constants of keyword-test operations and scripting methods let you specify Edge as your current browser for testing.

    Testing in Edge has some specifics. One of the most notable ones is addressing browser dialogs. The Open File, Select Folder, and other dialogs are children of the PickerHost process, not the Edge process. You need to configure your cross-browser tests to handle these dialogs properly. For more information on this and for a sample workaround, see Handling Browser Differences. To learn more about Edge specifics, see Considerations for Web Testing.

    In addition, we recommend that you prepare your Edge web browser for testing as described in Preparing Edge for Web Testing before running tests in it.

  • Updated Chrome Extension. The TestComplete Chrome Extension now uses the Native Messaging API instead of the Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI), which Google announced as obsolete. This change allows your web tests to continue working in Chrome 45 where NPAPI extensions are disabled. Using the new extension does not require that you update your tests or test environments. All you need to do is to install TestComplete 11.1.

  • Support for recent browser versions. TestComplete 11.1 supports the most recent versions of popular browsers: Chrome 45, Internet Explorer 7-11, Firefox 36-40, Opera 31.

  • Support for new CEF versions. You can now test web applications that use the following versions of the Chromium Embedded Framework control:

    • 1.1364.1123 (CEF1) and
    • 3.2272.2077 (CEF3)

iOS Testing Improvements

TestComplete supports creating and running tests on iOS 8.4.1.

New Supported Controls, Technologies and Applications

  • Support for Atlassian JIRA 6.4.7. With TestComplete 11.1, you can add issues to Atlassian JIRA version 5.0 - 6.4.7 directly from the TestComplete UI.

    Also, now TestComplete uses the JIRA REST API to work with JIRA databases.

  • HP Application Lifecycle Management Quality Center 12 support. You can run TestComplete tests from HP Quality Center version 12. See TestComplete Connector for HP Quality Center.

  • JavaFX Testing: Support for SubScene controls. TestComplete 11.1 recognizes SubScene controls and their child objects in JavaFX applications. You can record and play back user actions on these controls, as well as access their native methods and properties.

  • Support for jQuery UI. TestComplete provides support for the recent versions of jQuery UI controls: 1.11.1, 1.11.2, and 1.11.4.

Changes in Keyword Tests

Earlier versions of TestComplete allowed specifying more parameters in a keyword test call than the test actually used. In some cases, especially in large projects with multiple QA engineers involved, this could cause an unwanted test behavior and made it difficult to find the cause of an issue.

Now TestComplete checks keyword test parameters more thoroughly. If it detects differences in the number of parameters or parameter names during the test run, it posts a message notifying you about this to the test log. You can then double-click this message to quickly jump to the problematic test command and update it.

More Improvements

  • TestComplete now returns a new exit code – 1001 – if there is not enough free hard drive space to start the TestComplete process.

  • The default timeout in the Process.Close method has been increased from 2 to 3 seconds (it takes some “typical” tested applications more than 3 seconds to close).

  • A number of bugs have been fixed.

Known Issues

  • Suspended Modern UI applications are sometimes launched when you start TestComplete on Windows 10. Make sure you do not have suspended applications before starting tests.

  • There is a number of known issues with web testing (Edge, Chrome and other browsers).

    Also, you may want to read about specifics of web testing in the supported browsers.

Discontinued Support

TestComplete 11.1 does not support Atlassian JIRA 4.x.

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