Bug Fixes in TestComplete 11.1

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

In version 11.10, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:


  • Fixed: Script extensions in TestComplete lost their settings upon upgrading TestComplete.

  • Fixed: Code completion in TestComplete did not work for variables that referred to instances of JScript classes.

  • Fixed: The ‘If Object” keyword-test operation did not detect the change of an object alias and continued displaying the old alias in its properties.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not find the needed string in VBScript script code if the Match whole word option was enabled in the Find dialog.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash if the CMScript.exe process was running in the system.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash upon editing Keyword Test operation parameters in the Operation column of the Keyword Test editor.

  • Fixed: On Windows XP, the TestComplete Data Generator could hang if you canceled value generating for a large table.

  • Fixed: If you ran automated tests on Windows 10, TestComplete could crash upon closing.

Web Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete recorded navigation from the about:start page incorrectly in Microsoft Edge.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could hang if the tcChHost.exe process (a TestComplete extension for Google Chrome) remained in memory after closing the Chrome web browser.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could cause the tcCrHost.exe process (a TestComplete extension for Google Chrome) to crash.

  • Fixed: A tested application using the Chromium Embedded Framework control could crash during the test run.

Mobile Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash when recording a gesture for an Android application.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could not record gestures for Huawei Hol-T00 Android devices.

  • Fixed: When you added an iOS application compiled with the TestComplete-agent-static.a library to the list of Tested Applications in a project, TestComplete tried to instrument the application.

Distributed Testing

  • Fixed: When TestComplete was running several tasks in a series on remote computers, it could fail to start some tasks.


  • Fixed: Region checkpoints in TestComplete posted an incorrect error message when comparing images of different size.

  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash when creating a Property Checkpoint for a web object in Google Chrome or Firefox.

Jenkins Integration

  • Fixed: The Jenkins plugin could not launch TestComplete on a node controlled by a slave service started from a Java Web Start application.

  • Fixed: Jenkins could not run TestComplete tests concurrently by using the Node Label Parameter plugin.

Flex Application Testing

  • Fixed: TestComplete could fail to simulate keystrokes in Flex applications during test runs.

  • Fixed: User-defined functions of Flex objects in Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera could work incorrectly when you called them from TestComplete.


  • Fixed: TestComplete could crash when checking for permissions for access to the <ProgramData>\<TestComplete>\ folder.

  • Fixed: TestComplete crashed when running a VBScript test containing an OCROptions object set to Nothing.

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