Applies to TestComplete 14.20, last modified on September 11, 2019

This section provides information on how to install and maintain TestComplete.

In This Section

Installation Considerations

Contains considerations you take into account before installing TestComplete.

Getting TestComplete Installation Package

Provides information on where to get TestComplete installation packages.

Installation Steps

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to install TestComplete.

Installing TestComplete in Silent Mode

Describes how to install TestComplete in silent mode, without user interactions.

Upgrading From a Trial Version

Describes how to upgrade your trial TestComplete version to the full (commercial) version.

Maintaining and Uninstalling TestComplete

Describes how to maintain TestComplete installation on your computer.


Describes the most common issues that may occur during TestComplete installation.

Related Topics of Interest

System Requirements

Describes the hardware and software requirements your computer must meet so that you can install TestComplete.

Licensing TestComplete

Describes how to activate your TestComplete license.
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