Getting TestComplete Installation Package

Applies to TestComplete 15.52, last modified on June 06, 2023

Trial Package

The download of the TestComplete trial package starts right after you submit a request for the trial version on the SmartBear website:

Do not rename the file after downloading.

The trial package contains all the modules the commercial package contains. There is no need to download and install the commercial package after purchasing. All you have to do is to activate the commercial license in your TestComplete trial instance.

Commercial Package

You can find the TestComplete installation package in the My SmartBear section of our website:

  1. Open the URL in your browser.

  2. Enter your email address, security ID and password into the corresponding text boxes and click Login.

    SmartBear sent a message with these data to the email address you had specified when purchasing TestComplete. If you have not received this message or you cannot find it, enter your email address on the page and click Resend my login info.

  3. Under My Products, click the TestComplete version that you want to download. The version details page opens.

  4. Make a record of license types and license keys displayed in the License Details section. You will need this information when activating licenses in TestComplete (see Activate TestComplete Licenses).

  5. Click the link in the Downloads section to start downloading.

  6. In the file download dialog, click Save and specify the location where you want to save the TestComplete installation package.

If you are going to use TestComplete with Floating User licenses, you also need to download the License Manager installation package:

Install License Manager on the computer that will be the floating license server in your company. See About TestComplete Licenses.

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