Testing Xamarin.Forms Applications (Legacy)

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024
The information below concerns legacy mobile tests that work with mobile devices connected to the local computer. For new mobile tests, we recommend using the newer cloud-compatible approach.

TestComplete supports testing of Xamarin.Forms applications. You can record and play back various user actions against Xamarin.Forms applications, for example, navigating through application screens, filling out forms, running menu commands and so on. To ensure the tested application functions properly, you can insert checkpoints to verify data and application state.

This section describes how to test Xamarin.Forms applications.

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TestComplete includes a sample test project that shows how to test a sample Xamarin.Forms application:

<TestComplete Samples>\Mobile\Xamarin.Forms\Orders

Note: If you do not have the sample, download the TestComplete Samples installation package from the support.smartbear.com/testcomplete/downloads/samples page of our website and run it.

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