Run Mobile Tests in a Private BitBar Cloud

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

By default, TestComplete allows running automated mobile tests on devices in the public BitBar cloud. However, BitBar also provides private clouds that you can use to get exclusive access to target mobile devices. You can learn more about private clouds in the BitBar documentation:

About BitBar - BitBar Private Cloud

To use a private BitBar cloud to create and run mobile tests with TestComplete, configure your TestComplete project to access the cloud:

  1. Locate the TestComplete project file (.mds) on your hard drive. The easiest way to do it is to right-click your TestComplete project in Project Explorer and then click Show in Explorer:

    Showing the project file in Explorer

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  2. The located .mds file is an .xml file that describes the project structure and settings. Open the file in any text or XML editor of your choice.

  3. Locate the BitBar_APIURL and BitBar_HUBURL settings. They specify the URL address of the BitBar API service and the URL address of the BitBar hub respectively:


    <setting name="BitBar_APIURL" type="5" value="" />
    <setting name="BitBar_HUBURL" type="5" value="" />

  4. Replace the default setting values with your private cloud API URL and HUB URL:


    <setting name="BitBar_APIURL" type="5" value="" />
    <setting name="BitBar_HUBURL" type="5" value="https://appium-<customer name>" />

  5. Save the changes and close the file. You may need to reload the project in TestComplete for the changes to come into effect.

The Select BitBar Device and Generate Run Code for BitBar dialogs and the Run Remote Device operation will connect to the specified private cloud.

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