Set up Appium Server

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024


To create and run mobile tests, you need to set up and configure Appium that will manage mobile devices.

Supported Appium versions

Appium 2.x (recommended), 1.x (1.22.3 is advised if you need to use version 1.x)


  • A machine where the Appium server will be running:

    • To manage Android devices, it can be either a Windows machine or a macOS machine.

    • To manage iOS devices, it must be a macOS machine.

  • Your TestComplete computer must have network access to the Appium server.

  • An appropriate driver must be installed on the Appium server:

Configuration steps

The steps to perform depend on the mobile devices you are going to use, and on the operating system of the computer where Appium will run:

After Appium is set up and configured, you can access it from your TestComplete computer to connect to mobile devices and create tests. See Connecting to Mobile Devices and Opening Testing Sessions.

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