Testing FoxPro Applications

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

With TestComplete, you can test almost any applications, including those created with Microsoft Visual FoxPro v. 7.0 or later. You can test these applications in the same manner as you would test any other Windows application: you can simulate user actions, such as mouse clicks, keyboard input, and so on. See Simulating User Actions and Working With Standard Windows Controls for details. You could also record or create low-level test procedures and make use of other testing features supported by TestComplete (see Project Items).

Access to user interface elements in FoxPro applications is provided by the Microsoft Active Accessibility Support plugin. This plugin is installed and enabled automatically.

To use the plugin, you must have a license for the TestComplete Desktop module.

How to Test FoxPro Applications with TestComplete

Explains how to configure your TestComplete project to enable support for FoxPro applications, explore the application’s objects exposed by the MSAA engine and retrieve data from the application.
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