Working With Android Expandable List Controls

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

Expandable list controls are used to display a collection of items in a two-level list. A user can navigate to an expandable list by touching groups and items, expand or collapse the desired groups and check whenever the desired group is expanded.

TestComplete allows you to create and play back various user actions on expandable list controls and work with their data from scripts. When running a test, TestComplete associates expandable list controls in the tested application with Android ExpandableList scripting objects by analyzing the application type and the controls’ class names. Supported list view classes are listed in the project’s Object Mapping options. You can extend this list, for example, add the class name of a custom expandable list control used in your tested application, and thus enable the recording and scripting support for this control. For more information, see Default Project Properties - Object Mapping Options.

The topics in this section provide detailed information about working with Android expandable list controls in TestComplete and contain script samples that illustrate the explanation.

Note: Though the following topics deal with scripts, you can use the same approaches while testing applications from your keyword tests. For more information, see Keyword Tests Basic Operations.

In This Section

Working With Android Expandable List Controls - Basic Concepts

Describes general principles of working with expandable list controls in TestComplete.

Addressing Expandable List Groups and Items

Explains how to address expandable list items in scripting methods.

Selecting Expandable List Groups and Items

Explains how you can select expandable list items from scripts.

Expanding and Collapsing Expandable List Groups

Explains how you can expand and collapse expandable list groups from tests.

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