Data Source Types

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

This section describes data source settings for each data source type present in ReadyAPI.

Note: Some of the datasources can be used in functional tests and in virtual services; some others are available in functional tests only.
Data Source Description
Data Connection Gets data from a database by using a JDBC connection. It is similar to the JDBC data source, but uses predefined JDBC database connections.
Data Generator Generates data by using the built-in data generator engine.
Excel Gets data from the Excel tables.
File Obtains content of the specified file line-by-line.
JDBC Gets data from a database by using a JDBC connection. Unlike the Data Connection data source, it uses a connection specified in the data source.
Grid Obtains data specified in a grid.
Groovy Generates data by using a Groovy script.
JSON Parses the desired data from the JSON content with JSONPath expressions.
XML Parses the desired data from the XML content with XPath expressions.
Directory Iterates through the specified directory and gets file content.

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