Applies to ReadyAPI 2.8, last modified on August 16, 2019

The Directory data source iterates through the files within the specified directory and puts the files' content to the first property specified in the Properties panel.

The data source assigns data to the first property in the list. Other properties will be blank, except for fileName (see below).

You can only use this data source in the SoapUI DataSource test step. It is not available in ServiceV.


The Directory data source

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The directory to scan for files.

Filename Filter

Specifies a wildcard expression to filter files to read. For example, if you specify *.xml, the data source reads only XML files.


Specifies the encoding used to read the files. By default, ReadyAPI uses the ASCII character encoding.

Note: You can use property expansions to insert values into the above-mentioned fields.

fileName property

To get file names, create the fileName property in the data source. On each iteration, this property will store the name of the file the data source is reading.

Do not use fileName as the first property of the data source, since it will overwrite the default assignment rules, and the files’ contents will not be available.

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