Grid Data Source

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.52, last modified on April 18, 2024

The Grid data source allows you to store data inside ReadyAPI without relying to the external storage.

Each column of the grid corresponds to the specified property. The data source iterates through the table and gets data row by row and populates the configured properties with the specified values. When it reaches the end of the grid, it starts again from the top.

In this topic, we focus on how to configure the Grid data source. We assume you are already familiar with data-driven testing and how to configure a data-driven loop. Otherwise, please read Basic Concepts of Data-Driven Testing, or complete some of our tutorials before you continue.

You can temporarily exclude a row from the loop by clearing the check box on the left of the row.

Use property expansions to set values for the data source. If the name of the original property changes, the property expansion will update automatically.

Tip: Make sure you deselect the Recognize grid content as plain text option, to use property expansion.

You can use Grid data sources in the Data Source test step in functional tests, and in virtual services.


The Grid data source

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You can use the grid’s toolbar to perform various operations with data rows and cells.

  • Delete rows – Removes the selected rows.

  • Insert rows – Adds a number of rows before the selected row.

  • Clear Cells – Removes contents of the selected cells.

  • Fill Down – Copies the value of the selected cell to the cells below.

  • Fill Right – Copies the value of the selected cell to the cells on the right.

  • Select All – Checks all the rows to include the data to the results.

  • Select None – Unchecks all the rows to exclude the data from the results.

  • Recognize grid content as plain text – When selected, the data source does not parse property expansions.

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