Custom Profile

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 26, 2024

You can use the Custom profile to create complex scenarios that are difficult to emulate using other load strategies. You can also make load tests that combine several profiles, for example, create a sudden burst of users that then ramps down.

API load testing with ReadyAPI: Custom profile

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Editing Load

Click in the field to create a graph according to which the load will be simulated. To delete a point, right-click it and choose Remove point. You can also clear the entire graph by selecting Clear.

If you use the VUs load type, you can also specify how long ReadyAPI Performance will wait before restarting virtual users.

Changing Test Length or Maximum Number of Simulated Users

To change the maximum number of users or the length of the test, right-click in the field and select Change Max Rate or Change Duration.

Opening Load Shape in Separate Window

To edit the load in a separate resizable window, right-click and select Open in popup window. This window is resizable, so it is easier to make minor adjustments to the test shape.

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