Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

The History page allows you to access the execution history log. This log shows information about performed test runs. For items that have saved runs (they have in the Has Runs column), you can access the compare feature by double-clicking the item.

ReadyAPI does not record request history for requests sent from the APIs node. Instead, runs of functional tests are shown. To see the full project history, clear the Only this module check box.
Tip: To enable test history, go to Preferences > Test History and unselect the Check to disable test history check box.
The History page overview

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History Toolbar

The History page contains the following toolbar:

The toolbar on the History page

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Option Description

Only this project

Select to show only the current project history.

Only this module

Clear this check box to show the history of functional and security test runs.


Refreshes and shows the history according to time limits.


Displays the history from the time point you have specified.

Default value: complete history.



Displays the history until the time point you have specified.

Default value: now.



The list of columns to be shown in the table.

Available Columns

To configure which columns to display in the log, use the Columns menu. It is available from the History page toolbar.

To view the list of available columns, click .

The following columns are available:

Column Description


An item name.


An item type.


The start time of a run.

Has Runs

Shows if the item has any runs saved for the compare feature.

Test Steps

Test Steps Configured

The number of test steps in the test.

TestSteps Run

The number of test steps run during the test.

Test Steps Failed

The number of test steps that failed during the test.


Assertions Configured

The number of assertions in the test.

Assertions Run

The number of assertions run.

Assertions Failed

The number of failed assertions.



Run execution

Stop Reason

The reason for a stop.

Possible values: PASS, FAIL, CANCELLED.



The Environment you have enabled for this run.


The run identifier in the history log.

Model Item ID

The modelitem object unique identifier (UUID) in the project file.

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