Test History

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

This topic describes the options specific to the test execution history log.

To configure the test history options:

  1. Click on the ReadyAPI toolbar.

  2. Select Test History in the left part of the ReadyAPI Preferences window and configure the needed options.

The available options and their descriptions are in the table below.

Option Description
Test History disabled If selected, ReadyAPI does not collect the test history. Enabling this option may cause issues when debugging tests. Enable it only if you want to save memory and optimize the test performance.
You need to restart ReadyAPI in order for the option to take effect.
Test History size limit, MB Limits the size of the project log file, in megabytes. When this limit is reached, the oldest runs will be deleted.
Dashboard data limit, MB Limits the dashboard database size, in megabytes. This database contains test run information that is displayed on the dashboard and is stored in the dashboard.h2.db file. Besides the data table, the file stores additional data such as the database index, information on tables and columns, and other metadata. This option specifies the size of database tables with test run information, but not the size of the full database file.
Note: When the data amount reaches the specified limit, the oldest runs will be deleted.

Stored Results Location

To make sure the project file does not grow with each test run, ReadyAPI stores test results in a separate database in the <user folder>/.readyapi/db/readyapi.h2.db file. The dashboard database is stored in the dashboard.h2.db file in the same folder. You can change the number of stored results from Test History settings.

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