Project APIs

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.5, last modified on January 19, 2021

The APIs page of the project editor lists the definitions of APIs (web services) added to your project. You use the page to view, add, or delete definitions:

ReadyAPI: Interface: Projects: APIs

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To add an API

Click on the toolbar and, in the subsequent dialog, select the definition type and location:

Adding new API

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The dialog has the following tabs:


Use this tab to add an API from a definition file: WADL, Swagger/OpenAPI, WSDL, or GraphQL.


Use this tab to add a REST API by using the URLs of its resources.

Discover API

Use this tab to record requests while you are working with the service.

To learn more, see Adding More APIs to Existing Projects.

To delete an API

To delete an API, select it and click .

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